Monday, 21 October 2013

Oct 23, 2013 Discussion Topics

Howdy everybody!

The first topic we will discuss is a repeat from last week because I forgot. Sorry about that.

1)Cellphones and court.

After reading this article, please think about the questions at the bottom of the article. Also, do you think $50 is enough of a fine to stop people from using cell phones in court? Should cell phones be collected and kept by staff before people enter the courtroom?

The second topic is a new one. This is a very short article.

2) Girl and Halloween costumes

For the last three years or more, police have been spending a lot of time and money arresting pedophiles (adults who like children). At the same time, Halloween costumes (and general clothing) for young girls has been getting more and more provocative (please look this word up). Why do you think this is happening when it is clear that thinking sexually about young girls is a terrible crime?

Also, should these types of costumes be illegal?
Should parents allow their children to wear these costumes?
What do people think about little girls who wear these costumes?
What do you think about little girls who wear these costumes?
Is there Halloween in your home country? If there is, what do people wear? If there is not, is there another holiday when people dress up in costumes?

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