Sunday, 31 May 2015

June 3 2015 Discussion Video and Questions

Please follow these steps when preparing for the class blog discussion:

1) Think about the general statement.

Many parents have habits that they do not want their children to have. For example, many parents really love chocolate, smoke, or drink. Also, many parents dislike things that they want their children to like. For example, parents hate tomatoes, peas, apples, or oatmeal.

2) Think about this general question.

Is it better for parents to be open and honest about their bad habits and dislikes, or should they lie to their children (hide the chocolate, eat the tomatoes when infront of their children, etc)?

3) Visit this YouTube link and watch the video. You may not be able to understand it all, but watch it a three times and do your best.

Lies my parents told me

4) Finally, think about these questions. (Make sure to look up any vocabulary you don't know.)

Do you think that the lies will be discovered at some time and hurt the children (mistrust, etc), or do you think that these lies are harmless?

Did your parents lie to you? How do you know and what did you do when you found out?

Would you lie to your children?

Are these kinds of lies different from others?

Should parents teach their children how to lie, or let them learn from outside sources (school, tv, etc.)?

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Wed, May 27 Discussion Questions

Please read the questions below and prepare to discuss them in class.

Do not write down any answers. I'd like you to think about answers and then speak from your head, not from a paper.

If you do not understand some of the vocabulary, please look it up before class.

Thanks! See you in class!

1)     Are the people of your country well mannered compared to other nationalities?
2)     What customs or social rules does your country have that a foreigner might not know?
3)     What examples of bad manners do you often see?

4)     Do you have any customer service horror stories?
1)     Is it old fashioned to think a lot about the rules of etiquette?
2)     What rules of etiquette would you like to change?
3)     White Lies: Is it okay to lie in order to avoid hurting someone’s feelings?