Saturday, 25 March 2017

This is the Wed, March 29th 2017 Blog Topic!

Please click the link and read the article. Make sure to look up any vocabulary you don't know and think about the questions. Please be ready to discuss this topic.

1) Is it important to students/children to be physically active?
2) Do you think physical education class is more important or equally as important as some other subjects? Which ones? No? Why?
3) Does exercising or just taking a walk help you to study better?
4) How much TV or internet do you watch each day?
5) Which is more important, physical health or high academic achievement (good grades)?
6) How many hours of physical activity each day do students in your country get? Is it enough? How many hours do you think they should get?

Saturday, 18 March 2017

March 22 2017 BLOG Topic!

I think you might find this article and video interesting, odd, or maybe super awesome! Please make sure you understand the vocabulary and the main idea of the article.

Article link:

Product link:

1) What was your first reaction to this product?
2) What do you think of the price? (Go to the product link.)
3) Would you use this product?
4) Do you think this product will be popular? Is it better than SNS?
5) What do you think of how the rings look?
6) Giving rings before marriage seems to be more common in Korean and Japanese culture than here. Do you think these will be really popular in Brazil, Japan, and Korea?
7) Do you think these rings could be used for medical purposes?

Friday, 10 March 2017

Blog Topic of March 15, 2017

Here is the video...

It is about learning English and questions if English should be the world language.

Want to know how English became English? Why are so many nouns irregular? Check out the irregular history of English in a fun, animated, 10-minute video with subtitles! Check out that noun modifying another noun!

You may want to click the 'cc' button to put on the subtitles, but they are not so great. So, here is the transcript (her words).

Click below...

Sunday, 5 March 2017

March 8 Discussion Topic!! Kids and Safety!

Hello Everybody. Have a look at the topic for Wednesday.

Before you watch the video below, please think about these questions.

1) What dangerous things did you do when you were a kid?
2) What activities did your parents allow you to do when you were a kid?
3) Does doing dangerous, but fun, activities help children become better adults?
4) Is today's world worrying too much about children's safety?

Now please watch the video

5) Do you agree with this presenter?
6) Would you want your children to attend his camp?
7) Which activities do you really disagree with and think would be too dangerous?

See you in class!