Tuesday, 30 August 2016


My presentation topic is "Mymemories of high school days"

Thank you.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Aug 31 2016 Blog Topic - KFC!

Please read the article you can find at this website.

After you understand the article, please think about the following questions.

1) Would you drive this far for food? What kind of food? What restaurant? Why?

2) Do you think this is romantic or crazy?

3) Could you live in a place that didn't offer your favourite food?

4) What kind of food do you want at your wedding?

5) What kind of foods are usually at a wedding in your country?

6) What is your favourite Canadian food? Can you get it in your country?

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Blog Topic: Aug 24/16

Today's topic is here! Hooray!

Please read the article once.
Please read the article again, but this time use your dictionary.
Please read the article a third time.

Then, please read the questions and use your dictionary for any unknown words.

Finally, you are all ready for the class discussion!

1) Is it important to students/children to be physically active?
2) Do you think physical education class is more important or equally as important as some other subjects? Which ones? No? Why?
3) Does exercising or just taking a walk help you to study better?
4) How much TV or internet do you watch each day?
5) Which is more important, physical health or high academic achievement (good grades)?
6) How many hours of physical activity each day do students in your country get? Is it enough? How many hours do you think they should get?

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Aug 17/16 Blog Topic - Heart Sensor Rings!?

I think you might find this article and video interesting, odd, or maybe super awesome! Please make sure you understand the vocabulary and the main idea of the article.

Article link:

Product link:


1) What was your first reaction to this product?
2) What do you think of the price? (Go to the product link.)
3) Would you use this product? (I'm really curious about Yoko's opinion.)
4) Do you think this product will be popular? Is it better than SNS?
5) What do you think of how the rings look?
6) Giving rings before marriage seems to be more common in Korean and Japanese culture than here. Do you think these will be really popular in Japan and Korea?
7) Do you think these rings could be used for medical purposes?

Monday, 8 August 2016

Who wants free wifi? Who enjoys festivals and beer?

The Best Cafes for Free WiFi in Toronto

Remember, learning English means coming to class and doing your homework, but also (and really importantly) going out and experiencing (listening) practical English as spoken by native English speakers. Cafes are great places for this! The festival below would be another awesome place...

Toronto is getting a new beer festival and block party


The tickets to the beer festival include some free beer tokens and a beer mug! Go and celebrate, but make sure not to miss class;)

Image result for toronto beer festival

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Aug 10 2016 Blog Topic

Here is the topic for today. This one is from Japan, but there is also one cat cafe in Toronto. I'll post the link to the Toronto cafe below in case you want to visit it.

Please watch the short video and think about the questions below. See you in class!

1) Why do you think people like these kinds of cafes? Have you ever been to a cafe like this?
2) What kind of animal cafe would you open?
3) Do you think these cafes teach people to respect nature or view it carelessly?

4) Would you prefer to go to an animal cafe or the zoo?
5) Do you think these cafes are nice places for the animals to live?

TOT cat cafe on College St.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Presentation Kaho

My presentation topic is 'Coming of Age Day in Japan'

Thank you!

Kaho Uegaki

Kyunguk's Presentation

My presentation topic will be Korean ice dessert 'Ice flakes'

Thank you!

Aug 3 2016 Blog Discussion

Please read the following article and watch the video.


What do you think humans should do about disappearing animals? Is re-populating a good idea? Should we try to bring back extinct animals too? What problems could this cause?

Thank you,