Saturday, 20 August 2016

Blog Topic: Aug 24/16

Today's topic is here! Hooray!

Please read the article once.
Please read the article again, but this time use your dictionary.
Please read the article a third time.

Then, please read the questions and use your dictionary for any unknown words.

Finally, you are all ready for the class discussion!

1) Is it important to students/children to be physically active?
2) Do you think physical education class is more important or equally as important as some other subjects? Which ones? No? Why?
3) Does exercising or just taking a walk help you to study better?
4) How much TV or internet do you watch each day?
5) Which is more important, physical health or high academic achievement (good grades)?
6) How many hours of physical activity each day do students in your country get? Is it enough? How many hours do you think they should get?

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