Saturday, 29 October 2016

Wed, Nov 2 2016 Blog Topic

Please click on the following link and watch the video. It is only about four minutes long. Please watch it more than one time and listen for some of the new vocabulary. It is pretty easy to get the main idea of the talk, but the new vocabulary may be tough. Try to look it up before class.

After you watch the video, you should be able to answer these 5 questions using 'True' or 'False'.

1. Taylor Wilson built a nuclear fusion reactor when he was fourteen years old.

2. Wilson believes that nuclear fusion is not the future of energy, because it does not ‘break even.’

3. The University of Nevada is where Taylor built his fusion reactor.

4. The detector he developed replaced the one used by Homeland Security, and is much cheaper.

5. Wilson believes that kids can make discoveries that will change the world.

See you in class!


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

my topic is dreamcatcher

My Topic presentation is Tobermory - Bruce Peninsula!!


Hello. I'm Iseul.
My presentation topic is 'Travel to Montreal and Quebec City'
Thank you.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Wed, Oct 26 2016 Blog Topic

Hi everybody!

Please watch the entire video by clicking

It is about 4 and a half minutes and is about food.

Also, please think about these questions.

1) What do you know about 3D printing? Is there a place that you can 3D print in your home city?
2) Do you think 3D printing and food go together? Why or why not?
3) Do you think this technology will reduce the number of chef jobs?
4) What other profession is technology entering these days?
5) Do you enjoy gourmet food or do you think it is a waste of money?
6) Would you eat this 3D printed food? Would you pay more for it? Why?

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Wed, Oct 19 Blog Topic

 Please watch the video by clicking on the link below. You will need to watch it more than once, but you can just watch about the first 5 minutes.

1) Watch only the first 5 minutes.
2) Watch the video more than 1 time.

An Epiemic of Beauty Sickness
Renee Engeln

1) Which do you think is more important, health, or appearance?
2) Would you take medicine to cure an appearance problem (for example, acne or serious pimples) even though it might negatively affect your health?
3) Do you think our culture is too worried about appearance?
4) If someone dies because they were taking a prescribed drug, whose fault is it? The company that makes the drug, the government for allowing the drug to me prescribed, the doctor for prescribing the drug, or the patient for choosing to take the drug?

5) Who puts more pressure on girls to be beautiful? Men or Women?

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Wed, October 12, 2016 Blog Topic

Please click on the link and read the article. Then think about the questions. Remember that you do not have to prepare answers to the questions. All I'd like you to do is to understand all of the vocabulary and be ready to discuss the questions in class.

Have a good long weekend!!


1)   Could you live in van? For a short time? For a long time? What do you think the benefits and drawbacks would be?
2)   Do you trust people who live in their vehicles?
3)   Is this a common situation in Korea/Japan?
4)   Should cities allow vans to park for free in certain areas of the city?
5)   Housing prices are getting very high in many parts of Canada. Do you think the government should get involved?
6)   Do you consider yourself and adventurous or cautious person?
7)   What is something adventurous that you dream of doing? Remember, ‘dream’ mean you might never do that thing.

8)   What changes are happening in Korean/Japanese culture?

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

I'm kohei

Hello, my presentation topic is my hometown.
Hello I'm Jihyeon!
My topic is Toronto island.
thank you~
Hello. I'm Iseul.
My presentation topic is 'My work in Korea'
Thank you.

Hi I'm bart.

My presentation topic is "Movie." 
And I will send my photos to your email. Thank you.


My topic is kabedon

Saturday, 1 October 2016

October 5, 2016 Blog Discussion

Hello everyone! This week is going to be a little bit different. I am not going to post an article or video for you to watch, but I would like you to Google 'RFID Student Cards' and choose an article or video to watch. This is how you will prepare for the discussion.

Also, make sure to read the questions below and be ready to answer them. Remember, you do not need to write down answers. Just make sure that you understand the questions and do a little bit of thinking about them.

1)   If you were a parent, would you want the school to be able to track (follow using a computer) your child?

2)   If you were a student, would you want your school to be able to track you?
a.     Would you change or tamper with the tracking device in your student ID?

3)   Do students need a student ID in your home country?

4)   What kind of students do you think this tracking system would benefit (be good for)?

5)   The schools would be spending a lot of money on these new tracking systems? Do you think this is a smart way to spend money? Will it make the kids safer?