Saturday, 29 October 2016

Wed, Nov 2 2016 Blog Topic

Please click on the following link and watch the video. It is only about four minutes long. Please watch it more than one time and listen for some of the new vocabulary. It is pretty easy to get the main idea of the talk, but the new vocabulary may be tough. Try to look it up before class.

After you watch the video, you should be able to answer these 5 questions using 'True' or 'False'.

1. Taylor Wilson built a nuclear fusion reactor when he was fourteen years old.

2. Wilson believes that nuclear fusion is not the future of energy, because it does not ‘break even.’

3. The University of Nevada is where Taylor built his fusion reactor.

4. The detector he developed replaced the one used by Homeland Security, and is much cheaper.

5. Wilson believes that kids can make discoveries that will change the world.

See you in class!


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