Tuesday, 22 October 2013


1. cellphones in court
: I think "No evidence, No vaildity". How can we assure that his cellphone suddenly works by bumping? Somepeople could believe and understand his excuse, however, other people could think
he lied. Because there isn't an evidence that show if he turned off his phone or changed it to silent mode before entering courtroom. So, He can't say his innocence without the evidence. I think he must pay the fine.
 However, I don't know why the judge, Clarke, made this rule. Maybe, It is due to interference with court or leak of secret information. If it is reasonable why he prohibit using cellphone in court room,
we should keep the rule.

2. Halloween costumes
: We don't need to prohibit it. It's freedom whatever people wear. If it should be illegal, whom do you punish? the young girls or their parents? Their parents cannot control everything their children do. It isn't guilty for young girls to wear the provocative costume. It's guilty to think sexually about young girls. However, I also agree the provocative costume doesn't fit to young girls. It's just my opinion. If i were a parent, I would recommend my girl to wear the costume makes her cute and fun. She can appel to people more and enjoy the party perfectly.
 In korea, Holloween is not popular. Nowdays, some young people gather and enjyou holloween in the club, drinking. We can rarely see poeple wearing costume at the downtown in halloween.

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