Saturday, 22 April 2017

Wed, April 26 2017 Blog Topic

Here it is! Please read the article and be sure to look up any vocabulary you don't already know.

There is a video to watch also.

See you in class and I look forward to the discussion!

1)   Could you live in van? For a short time? For a long time? What do you think the benefits and drawbacks would be?
2)   Do you trust people who live in their vehicles?
3)   Is this a common situation in your home country?
4)   Should cities allow vans to park for free in certain areas of the city?
5)   Housing prices are getting very high in many parts of Canada. Do you think the government should get involved?
6)   Do you consider yourself and adventurous or cautious person?
7)   What is something adventurous that you dream of doing? Remember, ‘dream’ means you might never do that thing but you wish you could.

8)   What changes are happening in your home culture?

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