Sunday, 30 April 2017

May 3 2017 Discussion Topic

Here is the topic! Enjoy! Please make sure to read the article and be ready to discuss the questions.

See you in class.

Many parents have habits that they do not want their children to have. For example, many parents really love chocolate, smoke, or drink. Also, many parents dislike things that they want their children to like. For example, parents hate tomatoes, peas, apples, or oatmeal.

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My questions are these:

Is it better for parents to be open and honest about their bad habits and dislikes, or should they lie to their children (hide the chocolate, eat the tomatoes when in front of their children, etc).

Do you think that the lies will be discovered at some time and hurt the children (mistrust, etc), or do you think that these lies are harmless?

Did your parents lie to you? How do you know and what did you do when you found out?

Would you lie to your children?

Are these kinds of lies different from others?

Do you agree that social lies, tall tales, and protective lies are okay?

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